About Me


I am a Registered Nurse with a certification in Inpatient Obstetrics. I  have been working at a level three tertiary care center for eight years. That means I help take care of the really sick moms and pre-term babies. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can care for preemies 23 weeks and up. We are also a county hospital (which I’m proud of), so we care for a spectrum of moms and families. We are the only facility in the county that will still do VBACS. We deliver about 400 babies a month.

I work as a staff nurse, charge nurse, OR nurse, recovery nurse, resource nurse-you name it, I do it. I also teach at the local nursing program as a clinical instructor. Between these two career trajectories, this blog came about. I love teaching, but a woman in labor really needs her questions answered before contractions kick in. I’m hoping I can help prepare women for an experience that should be awesome and empowering-not terrifying.

But I’m also a realist. I’ll advocate for you and make sure you see both sides of the Ob coin. Safety for mom and babe is paramount.

Knowledge is power ladies! So keep reading, and feel the power!


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